Map service for news,
marketing and education

Map design

Map development

Research and data

Maps for Content Marketing

Expand your content marketing activities with static and interactive maps.

Maps for Blogs & News

Receive custom-made maps for news events, travel blogs, campaigns and magazines.

Maps for Education

Incorporate map-based teaching resources into your lessons and curricula.

Our Services

MapFact thrives on creating and maintaining thematic maps that tell stories. Our team has a unique background in education, journalism, info-visuals and the arts. We can provide everything from the research and data scraping, to design and technical implementation. When the map is released, we can also take care of keeping it updated with new content.

Ideas & Research

We assist news media, blogs and marketing departments with ideas for maps and perform the research.

Data scraping & Organizing

We do the data harvesting and cleaning up of large data sets, so they can be visualized on maps.

Design & Development

We deliver a custom map design that matches your style guidelines and functional requirements.

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